Will ExamRoom.AI integrate with our existing platform?

Yes. ExamRoom.AI seamlessly integrates with all LMS platforms. Because it is web and cloud based, there is nothing to be downloaded or installed.

What happens if the internet connection drops during the exam?

In the event of internet issues, ExamRoom.AI will try to reconnect to the test taker. If it is not possible, the incident will be noted and reported to the institution.

Are the exams recorded?

Yes. All tests taken through ExamRoom.AI are recorded. Instructors can watch the exam in real-time or wait 24 hours for the playback.

How are proctors monitored?

ExamRoom.AI has contracted with proctors who are experienced and knowledgeable in their fields and are trained to provide some technical support. After each exam, there is an independent audit that takes place to ensure quality and assurance.

Do I have to use the same proctoring level for all exams? No. ExamRoom.AI is not a one-size-fits-all system. We customize proctoring levels and services based on the exam and the needs of the institution. Our consultants can help you plan out a program that works best for your needs and budget.
How do I ensure my test is designed how I planned? With ExamRoom.AI you can customize the structure of the test regarding instructions, length of time allotted, rules, security, materials allowed, breaks, etc.
What is the time frame on results? ExamRoom.AI provides real-time viewing and updates. Administrators are able to track the students’ progress from beginning to end. Results will be available upon completion of the exam. Audited recordings will be available within 24 hours.
What are the required operating systems? ExamRoom.AI is a web application and operates on all browsers. When using ExamLock, the required browsers are Linux, Mac, and Windows.
Which mobile devices are supported? ExamRoom.AI and its products works with all Android and IOS devices.
What materials allowed for use during the exam? Materials used for the exam are predetermined by your institute. They will vary based on the type of exam being administered. A list of accepted materials will be given during the initial registration of the exam.
Are breaks permitted? Unless stated by your institution, they are not allowed. Those guidelines will be provided during the initial registration of the exam.
What will I need for the exam? You will need a pc/laptop and a smart device (e.g. tablet, smartphone) with a stable internet connection. Devices will also need to be equipped with working cameras and microphone.