Offering End-To-End Top Of The Line Security And Data Features

We have developed security, data, and analytic features for integrity and ease of use for all users of remote proctoring solutions

Tailored solution for secure and reliable proctoring.


With an experienced team of consultants and developers, we provide our clients customizable solutions and products to support their remote and online testing needs.


Our proctors are knowledgeable and experienced. Each is trained to detect suspicious behavior indicative of cheating.

Pay as you go

There is no minimum exam requirement. Our “pay as you go” pricing is designed to be budget-conscious for partners and test-takers.

Real-time Analytics

ExamRoom.AI has engaged AI technology and algorithms to ensure that web-based, remote online testing is more versatile and accurate for our partners. By implementing real-time analytics, administrators and professors can “barge” into a live virtual proctoring session.

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In-house Monitoring and Review

Administrators can observe the examinee’s webcam and the device’s desktop screen to monitor exam progress and behavior. Those approved for access can review all the time stamped flags issued by the AI and the live remote invigilator, all verbal and text communication, and speak directly to the candidate if necessary, all in real-time.

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    Fully Integrated System

    ExamRoom provides remote proctoring services that can be customized to suit your online testing needs. With a diverse selection of LMS and test assessment platforms in the market, we have created our platform and products to be fully integrated to provide a smooth, seamless process for our partners and test takers.

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    LMS and Test Assessment Platforms we work with, and continuously adding to:

    • Blackboard
    • Moodle
    • Canvas
    • Brightspace
    • SharePoint
    • Docebo
    • Sakai
    • Maplesoft
    • Dokeos
    • Claroline
    • aTutor
    • Prov, Inc.
    • Classmarker
    • Questionmark
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    Exam Lock

    ExamLock goes above and beyond your run-of-the-mill exam security measures. Not only do we provide browser blocking, keystroke logging and navigation lock, ExamRoom has developed in-house, secure algorithms to control hardware and software kernel. To further protect against cheating, ExamLock provides advanced biometric monitoring, analyzing seven different biometric measures of the test taker.

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    ExamLock’s Content Safety Features

    To further protect exam content integrity while remote testing, ExamLock is designed with algorithms that track temp files to ensure no applications are running in the background. ExamLock also blocks all capabilities of additional devices and monitors, which include: HDMI, UPnP, and VGA services. In addition, ExamLock ensures restriction of:

    • Screen sharing
    • Printing capabilities
    • Webcam tampering
    • Disable shortcut key functions (copy/cut/paste/save)
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    Exam Prism

    As a key feature on the ExamRoom.AI platform, ExamPrism provides test publishing companies protection for item banks and content. ExamPrism enables test developers to leverage ExamRoom’s virtual proctoring service with security and reporting services to deliver their own test content. When remote proctoring with ExamRoom.AI, test developers can assess candidates and protect proprietary test content without the risk of exposure to third-party platforms.

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    How ExamPrism Works for Your Business or University

    ExamPrism encapsulates data, and some of the key steps are outlined below:

    • Content is received as an encrypted code
    • Code is accessed through a shared key that only the administrator and candidate can see. With their security key, the administrator can:
    • Send/upload proprietary question banks
    • Use templates for desired format
    • Data is left in encrypted plain text format for ExamRoom.AI’s system to prepare test
    • Same shared key is used to decrypt the question set for the candidate to ensure they are the only ones to see the questions. Content is never exposed on the platform.
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    Exam 360

    Exam 360 is our free downloadable app on Google Play and Apple Store in which the live proctor has a 360⁰ of the test taker during the remote proctored exam. By utilizing the test taker’s smartphone or tablet paper-pencil exams and high stakes exams can be remotely proctored with added security.

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    Exam 360 Features

    By synching the Exam 360 app (on a smartphone or tablet) with the ExamRoom web portal session, our live proctors have a 360⁰ view to ensure that the testing area and exam are not compromised. Utilizing the dual cameras, proctors will be able to see the candidate test from two separate angles.

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